About Business Solutions and Technologies

We are one of the leading providers of audit, risk management, financial, tax and legal consulting services.
With effect from 24 May 2022, the Russian company, a former member in the Deloitte global network, continued to operate under proprietary brand Business Solutions and Technologies.

It has been a landmark event for us, as we became a standalone business, which is not part of the Deloitte global network (DTTL).
Our connected team, its knowledge, experience and result-oriented mindset remain our priorities. We will continue to provide a full range of stable high-quality audit and advisory services to our clients in line with our 30-year track record on the market.

There are a lot of changes ahead. The agility of the business becomes instrumental in ensuring its stability and prosperity. Our focus is to give our clients access to solutions and technology that will enable them both to address fast changes in the business environment and drive such changes, become innovators.

We value our clients, business partners and employees, who we have worked with for many years, and look to the future with confidence.

Appointment of new partners in Business Solutions and Technologies in Russia

Business Solutions and Technologies announces the appointment of new partners. The people are promoted as during the past financial year they showed excellent performance in three key areas: audit, tax and legal, and consulting services.

Evgeny Golubkov, Grigoriy Dubrovskiy, Maria Proshina and Nikita Shilin become Audit Partners;

Anna Klimova and Oleg Troshin become Partners in the Tax and Legal Department;

Andrey Sotnikov becomes a Partner in the Consulting Department.

Igor Tokarev, Senior Managing Partner of Business Solutions and Technologies, commented on the new appointments:

"I'm pleased to announce the new appointments. Despite the difficult situation and a new milestone in our firm’s development, I am proud that our colleagues who have already gained an impeccable professional reputation and demonstrate outstanding performance will continue to work with Business Solutions and Technologies in leading roles. In our new financial year, which began on 1 July, our firm will maintain the highest service level and help our clients to achieve their goals. We feel confident about the future. I whole heartedly congratulate the new partners on their appointment!"


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